RevitaLume results!
  • Dark circles begin to fade within minutes
  • Strengthen capillaries to prevent future dark circles
  • RevitaLume’s moisturizers hydrate and rejuvenate
  • Powerful peptides stimulate skin cell repair
  • RevitaLume smoothes away wrinkles and fine lines


RevitaLume Ingredients

RevitaLume contains the proprietary RevitaLite complex which lightens and brightens the skin. The RevitaLume formula rapidly penetrates the skin and goes to work within minutes to fade dark circles and smooth under-eye bags. The peptides in RevitaLume stimulate cellular renewal and rejuvenation in the deep layers of the skin. The result? A lighter, brighter complexion – a whole new you! Try RevitaLume today and see what a difference it will make for you.


RevitaLume Under-Eye Cream

Developed by the experts of Dermavánt Labs, RevitaLume is a cutting-edge treatment for dark circles that quickly eliminates these bothersome blemishes within just a few days. Comprised of a potent blend of flavinoids, peptides, antioxidants and trusted botanicals, RevitaLume's proprietary formula utilizes some of the best ingredients available today for getting rid of dark circles fast. Since we stand behind our product and are so confident that it works, we offer a 30-day total satisfaction guarantee.

RevitaLume Benefits

RevitaLume's greatest benefits lie within its ability to get rid of dark circles under the eyes while fortifying the capillaries and preventing the future formation of dark circles. The effective mix of ingredients in RevitaLume also soothes the skin and nourishes the layers of skin which are responsible for collagen production. This encourages healthier, smoother-looking skin that takes years off your appearance.

How to Use RevitaLume Under-Eye Cream

Using RevitaLume is fairly easy. Simply cleanse your skin with your favorite facial cleanser and pat your face dry. Gently rub a small amount of RevitaLume on the skin beneath your eyes until absorbed completely. For best results, apply RevitaLume twice a day - once on the morning and again before bed. Because, RevitaLume is a concentrated formula, we recommend you use it sparingly so it goes a long way.

Does RevitaLume Really Work?

In short - yes. RevitaLume under-eye cream is one of the best products on the market for getting rid of dark circles quickly and easily. Just view some of the testimonials we've received from real customers and you'll see why RevitaLume is adored by a growing number of former dark circles sufferers. Say goodbye to dark circles for good and hello to a brand new beautiful you! You'll be glad you did. Put these powerful ingredients to work for you! Try RevitaLume today.