RevitaLume Ingredients

RevitaLume contains the proprietary RevitaLite complex which lightens and brightens the skin. The RevitaLume formula rapidly penetrates the skin and goes to work within minutes to fade dark circles and smooth under-eye bags. The peptides in RevitaLume stimulate cellular renewal and rejuvenation in the deep layers of the skin. The result? A lighter, brighter complexion – a whole new you! Try RevitaLume today and see what a difference it will make for you.

RevitaLume results!
  • Dark circles begin to fade within minutes
  • Strengthen capillaries to prevent future dark circles
  • RevitaLume’s moisturizers hydrate and rejuvenate
  • Powerful peptides stimulate skin cell repair
  • RevitaLume smoothes away wrinkles and fine lines

How RevitaLume Works

The Ultimate Cure for Dark Undereye Circles

From your initial application of RevitaLume, its scientifically-developed formula immediately goes to work beneath the surface layers of your skin to stamp out those unsightly dark circles.  Most RevitaLume users begin to notice results within just a few minutes while others begin to see changes in about an hour or so. In either case, you'll see significant changes from your initial application.

What we're talking about is not magic at all, it's pure science!

RevitaLume's micro-active formula works quickly to:

  • Vanish discoloration caused by dark circles
  • Enhance the texture and quality of skin beneath the eyes
  • Relieve fatigued, swollen eyes
  • Fortify the walls of your capillaries in order to prevent future dark circles

What Makes RevitaLume Work?

The science behind RevitaLume is quite simple. Dark circles form in a manner much like bruises. With bruises, a sudden blow causes delicate capillaries beneath the skin to rupture and small quantities of blood spread throughout the tissues nearby. The body immediately begins to oxidize and break down hemoglobins in the blood. This process causes the purple discoloration common with bruises.

In the case of dark circles, small amounts of blood leaking from the capillaries beneath the eyes cause the same outcome. Because the skin under the eyes is more translucent then other skin on the body, the discoloration is visibly more pronounced.

The active ingredients in RevitaLume include potent, fast-acting enzymes that accelerate the process by which your body naturally oxidizes and breaks down hemoglobins. This enables your body to dispose of the byproducts much more quickly, causing dark under eye circles to vanish. 

Soothe Your Tired Eyes with RevitaLume

In addition to getting rid of dark circles, the active ingredients in RevitaLume also relieve the inflammation associated with red, puffy eyes. At the same time, fast-acting peptides work to stimulate the production of collagen beneath the skin. This fortifies the skin, making it less translucent so the appearance of dark circles is eliminated. Plus, RevitaLume's flavonoid compounds work to strengthen the capillaries beneath your skin which also diminishes the appearance of dark circles.

Use RevitaLume to quickly and easily get rid of those pesky dark circles while preventing the formation of new blemishes. Put these powerful ingredients to work for you! Try RevitaLume today.