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Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes

A number of conditions could serve as the underlying cause for dark circles. Heredity or genetics is the most common. The genes related to these bothersome blemishes actually cause one to be predisposed to weakened capillaries beneath the skin surrounding the eyes. Plus, inherited skin tone can also make dark circles appear more pronounced than they would on someone of a darker complexion.

Allergies are also believed to be a cause for dark circles around the eyes. There are two primary ways in which this can occur. For one, histamine reactions can encourage the presence of dark circles. Secondly, excessive rubbing of the eyes and the surrounding skin (common among allergy sufferers due to frequent itching) can cause dark circles to appear even darker.

Other Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Though uncommon, poor nutrition has also been cited as a reason for the formation of dark circles due to the lack of necessary vitamins. In this case, simply converting to a healthier and more balanced diet can help you diminish or get rid of dark circles under your eyes.

Age is another factor that can contributes to the prevalence of dark circles. This is because our facial skin grows thinner with age. As a result, the discoloration associated with dark circles becomes more visible and these blemishes grow more apparent.

Dark Circles Myths

One myth behind the cause of dark circles has to do with lack of sleep or fatigue. While fatigue or the lack of sleep can lead to pale skin which makes existing dark circles more noticeable, these factors don't actually lead to the formation of dark circles in and of themselves.

Another myth suggests that dark circles result from the hormonal changes associated with menstruation and pregnancy. While these two physiological occurrences can cause your skin to become pale and existing dark circles more apparent, they don't serve as a legitimate cause for dark circles under the eyes.

Get rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

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